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The provincial one thousand kinds of high-quality building materials focus on sales
Source : Xiamen ZhongJingtai building materials Co., Ltd  Update time : 2014.11.24  Views :
On July 8, the provincial high-quality building materials product display and promotion will be held in wuhu. The province more than 240 building materials, real estate, decoration companies, and some of the city by the letter appoint, wall to about 500 people attended. Conference focus group are 11 contracted projects, capital total 280 million yuan

In sales promotion, set up a new wall materials, decoration materials, plumbing materials, domestic outfit electrical material, doors and Windows, and hutch defends equipment and so on six big exhibition area, more than 140 enterprises, more than 1000 kinds of products in the display. Reporters on the scene found that area overall arrangement orderly, product variety, sparkling highlights. Conch profiles and special profiles, yangzi floor, galaxy sanitary ware, a large number of alborz white cement building materials enterprises also took part in the show the promotion will be.. Many enterprise homemade board, slide show at the meeting, active power, have distinguishing feature each, attracts numerous user units and peer consultation discussion.


Galleries in doors and Windows, conch profile shows the resistance to cold, high temperature resistant of the full range of high-grade doors and Windows In decoration exhibition, tongling jintai coating, rui sintek shows the latest research products In home outfit electrical material area, hefei sanchuan self-control, luan peaks shows advanced LED infrared induction lamp, the lamp that shield an eye, as well as the city public lighting new products Galleries, especially the new wall materials, by the provincial wall to do unified arrangement of the exhibition more than 60 new wall materials enterprises, through the elaborate design, overall modelling for two long arc, such a "rainbow", set two elliptic booth before, in order to put on all kinds of new wall materials, the overall design into green, the blue tone, a symbol of the green environmental protection, fully demonstrated the new wall materials industry in our province in recent years remarkable achievements and become a highlight of the show promotion will


The fair by the province of the letter committee, wuhu government and provincial departments, the province construction hall, the province business hall, the province pledges inspect bureau of industrial and commercial bureau, province and other units jointly organized. "Holding sales promotion activity is to promote high quality products, especially in industrial production and marketing cohesion, effectively ease the company sales problems." Province by the letter committee has said.
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