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Hot market cold coating of ability in how to break the "industry"
Source : Xiamen ZhongJingtai building materials Co., Ltd  Update time : 2014.11.24  Views :
Waterborne coatings with non-toxic environmental protection, not smell, can be volatile and rarely, combustion explosion of high safety, no yellowing, besmear brushs the advantages of large area, more and more get the welcome of consumer, also is full of beautiful things in eyes, water-based coatings on the market from the architectural coatings to industrial coatings and special coatings, water-based paint application is along with the rapid penetration into all walks of life, the development of the industry but the water-based paint on the market is really green? The author thinks that there are few people dare to do the guarantee. In terms of current Chinese coatings market, still has not really established, water-based coatings, according to xiao wu occupying most of domestic paint market jiangshan remains solvent paint, mainly because the solvent paint development in our country for a long time and the production technology is relatively mature, low environment requirements for raw materials and construction advantages, in the domestic market has formed a mature industrial chain from production to sales to terminal structure.

With the people environmental protection consciousness enhancement of health, solvent-based coatings by the height of serious environmental pollution and energy waste and the influence of unfavorable factors such as high cost, has enough to satisfy people to the pursuit of healthy living, along with the progress of the society, solvent-based coatings products will gradually withdraw from the historical stage, it is open to the green environmental protection water-based paint created the condition for the Chinese market, but series of automobil coating network know xiao wu, waterborne coatings markets suffered a hot market cold "industry" phenomenon, and the reasons for this phenomenon, and is the result of domestic water-based coatings market is not mature, and the lack of knowledge of the water-based coating, to sum up, but the following points:

Consumers know about coating of ability is not enough to choose


As an ordinary consumer, usually won't solvent coating and aqueous coating share very clear, which most people even do not know anything about coating is also, in decorating a house of time is usually listen to a friend or decorate a company, as well as Suggestions of construction workers to choose paint, moreover will think is the best, most expensive often spent a lot of money, but still not reach the expected effect.


Want to decorate to frequency is not much Chinese on coatings have a deeper understanding of knowledge, is not easy. Is going to buy but how to make the coating product the layman can clearly know what to buy the products, and properly choose, which requires business wisdom and the industry. For numerous water-based paint brands on the market, according to its main composition is different, to introduce the following four small tachileik you simple way:


The first kind is water-based paint, acrylic acid as main ingredients are chiefly characterized by good adhesion, not deepen color, but wear resistance and chemical resistance is poorer, the soft film hardness, law try to HB pencil, poor fullness, comprehensive performance in general, construction are prone to defects. Because of its cost is low and not high technical content, most is water-based paint enterprise main products into the market. The reason most people are of the opinion that water based paint is not good. Its advantage is cheap.


The second type is propylene bottoms and the synthesis of polyurethane as the main ingredients of water-based coatings, its characteristics in addition to adhering to the characteristics of acrylic lacquers, added the characteristics of wear resistance and chemical resistance is strong, some enterprise standard for water-based polyester paint. Better film hardness, pencil rule to try for 1 h, good fullness, comprehensive performance close to oil paint. The present domestic only a handful of companies can produce.


The third kind is pu water-based paint, and its comprehensive performance is superior, fullness, high film hardness can reach 1.5 2 h, wear-resisting performance even more than paint, service life, color mixing has obvious advantages, to senior in water-based paint products, the technology is only a few specialized companies around the world. In domestic took the lead only dongguan ding source industrial co., LTD. To complete the localization of the core technology, and a national invention patent. The launch of the "green bo" brand water-based paint price is equal to the second category of water-based paint.


The fourth class is some pseudo water-based paint, when used to add curing agent or chemicals, such as "curing agent, intensifier" film ", "" special dilution water" and so on, some water can also, but a high solvent content, to human body harm is bigger, some even more than paint toxicity, and some enterprise standard for water-based polyester paint. Consumers are easy to distinguish.


Know the classification of waterborne coatings, consumers can choose according to their needs, such as the need to price cheap, if can be as long as you choose the first kind of water-based paint intermediate above, more exquisite decoration, it had better use of the second or the third type of water-based paint. Variety although clear, want to distinguish the water-based coatings are available in the market is not easy. Because of each manufacturer in water-based paint and the name of the component id is not unified, easy to let the consumer confusion. Such as acrylic acid as main ingredients of water-based paint is acrylic acid and acrylic ester two standard method. The consumers can through the nose to smell the best way to assist judgment: acrylic smack of acid, polyurethane, some hint of fragrance oils. And, of course, the most reliable way is to purchase products professional manufacturer of water-based paint production.

Enterprise product homogeneity phenomenon intensified


To market with the "triad" of the concept of environmental protection, "five one" and "liuhe a" all kinds of coating products, consumers actually don't really know what is so-called "liuhe a" contains things, some people even think that the more Numbers together its effect will be better, for stores the concept of marketing, consumer often can't really need to buy products, in the end not perfect decoration effect, deeply hurt the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.


As homogeneity phenomenon aggravate the situation on the market, some companies have begun to establish the product segment of the market positioning, like a desert oasis of "paint" pregnant women, China resources paint together hand in hand, together with Disney children lacquer "whim" these products are aimed at a particular market, let the consumer on the choice has a clear goal, it hit the nail on the head of the prominent function. "S" in the coating homogeneity, to make such a breakthrough, is water-based paint to open the domestic market a boost.


Industry transregional serious coating market needs to be rectified


Many industries have the phenomenon of channeling goods, dealers in order to obtain more profits often put the goods to get B to sales, if this kind of A way to make money in these industries such as clothing, cell phone, computer, automobile, may also won't appear what problem, but as for the coating of A relatively strict environmental sector, will appear A lot of problems. Coating for humidity requirements, dry weather in the north, south, the damp climate, for this, coatings enterprises in product production will do some adjustment on the paint recipe, in order to fully adapt to the climate around the environment, in this case, if the industry in north and south area channeling goods, designed to sell products to the south, into the northern coatings market, consumers will inevitably appear after-sales problems, after decorating the result that harm the economic interests of consumers, and make the paint production enterprise credit losses.


Coating channeling goods not only affected the development of the industry, but also hindered the waterborne coatings in domestic normal promotion, as a main force of the future market, waterborne coatings market consolidation seems to be already imperative.


Product packaging and function descriptions are the same


Coating is not commonly used as a daily life to goods, believe that a lot of people in addition to know some of the most basic function, the performance of the coating is deeper is poorly understood, and as a coating production enterprises, not only to produce the product, for Chinese people but also the specific performance of these products and coating method is introduced, can according to the author, many coating product packaging are very similar on the market, the product function is introduced and the basic, no introduction to its special way to make too much, such a product, even if the performance is strong, again afraid is also out of power.


"In China, the impact of waterborne coatings industry hot market cold" there are many reasons, this need a broad understanding of the industry, make China promotion, water-based coatings on every step to make careful considerations. Along with the advance of Chinese society, people for green products is also more and more popular, healthy environmental protection water-based paint as a non-toxic, no smell, can't volatiles, non-combustible and environmental characteristics of green product, blasting its Chinese market potential is tremendous, believe that one day, in every way, with the help of water-based coating can effectively rectify market, let the Chinese consumers with real green environmental protection water-based paint, water-based paint market will not render "industry hot market cold" special phenomenon.
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